Lifelong Learning at Touro Synagogue

No synagogue has just one single purpose — especially Touro Synagogue. We are, simultaneously, a Beit Knesset (house of gathering) where we come together to celebrate and acknowledge the ups and downs of life; a Beit T’filah (house of worship) where, throughout the seasons of each year, we mark sacred moments and express our deepest longings through ancient blessings; and a Beit Midrash (house of study) where — in the pursuit of expansive thought, transformative prayer, fearless engagement, and love — we stimulate one another’s minds and hearts through lifelong Jewish study.

Each member of our clergy team is proud to present course offerings for adults throughout the year. Some are presented as multi-week series of classes that build off each other, while others are offered quarterly, semi-annually, or even just one-off. No matter what you are drawn toward or intrigued by, or how frequently you choose to participate, we sincerely hope that you will consider joining us for your own personal enjoyment and enrichment.

Lifelong Learning opportunities at Touro Synagogue are designed to address the broadest possible spectrum of Jewish interests; each offering falls into one of three categories:

  • Foundations offer ground-level entry points to a wide range of Judaic topics for new and/or returning learners
  • Elevations provide opportunities to strengthen one’s Jewish knowledge base with continued in-depth examinations of topics and ideas
  • Explorations allow for on-going dialogue among learners who are drawn to similar Jewish topics through their shared personal interests and/or professional connections

Additionally, some of our offerings are “goal-oriented”, in that they culminate when learners are prepared for major milestones in their Jewish lives: Conversion, Adult B’nei Mitzvah, and recognition as a Touro Chai Scholar.

Whether you are curious about a particular offering, interested in registering for something already, or simply seeking guidance on how to begin your own personal journey of Jewish lifelong learning, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rabbi Bauman, Cantor Margolius, or Rabbi Silverman anytime.