Lifelong Learning at Touro Synagogue


Lifelong Learning opportunities at Touro Synagogue are designed to address the broadest possible spectrum of Jewish interests; each offering falls into one of three categories:

  • Foundations offer entry points to a wide range of Judaic topics for new and/or returning learners
  • Elevations provide opportunities to strengthen one’s Jewish knowledge base with continued in-depth examinations of topics and ideas
  • Explorations allow for on-going dialogue among learners who are drawn to similar Jewish topics through their shared personal interests and/or professional connections

Additionally, some of our offerings are “goal-oriented”, in that they culminate when learners are prepared for major milestones in their Jewish lives: Conversion, Adult B’nei Mitzvah, and recognition as a Touro Chai Scholar.

Whether you are curious about a particular offering, interested in registering for something already, or simply seeking guidance on how to begin your own personal journey of Jewish lifelong learning, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rabbi Bauman, Cantor Margolius, or Rabbi Silverman anytime


Our tradition reminds us of our sacred obligation to turn inward and reflect on our own behavior, to break harmful practices, and to make amends in action. We understand that we must answer the pain and injustice around us with a shofar’s response, ready to learn, listen and act. The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) statement on systemic racism in the U.S. states that “Racial healing can only begin to be achieved when systemic oppression is recognized and accounted for.” In their words, the Reform movement must “take active steps to redress the destructive effects of historic and ongoing systemic racism, including through education and conversations within our congregations and communities.” Antiracism starts with education and knowledge. To that end, Touro will embark as a congregation on a journey of intentional antiracism education. This work will be both a communal endeavor and a personal journey. Our Antiracism Steering Committee of co-learners will be disseminating readings, videos, and book options, and will convene discussion groups to reflect on our learning, to situate it in Jewish values, and to provide support for sometimes difficult concepts and conversations.


News and the Jews
Select Wednesdays at 12pm on Zoom
October 20; December 8; January 12; April 7

The most pressing news stories of our day challenge us as human beings and as Jews. Each session will focus on a story from the recent news cycle, viewed through a Jewish historical, cultural, and ethical lens. All are welcome!

Jewish Medical Ethics
Select Thursdays at 7pm on Zoom
November 18; February 20; April 7 

Our ongoing series exploring some of the most pressing scientific, social, and health related concerns of our time, through a Jewish lens. Previous topics have included explorations of pain management and the opioid epidemic; political agendas that affect policy in medical care; palliative and supportive care in religious traditions, and the nature of suffering.   *This series is designed for but not limited to medical professionals.