B’nei Mitzvah

Our tradition teaches that at age 13, each of us reaches the age of Bar or Bat Mitzvah (son or daughter of the commandments), marking the time when we take responsibility for our Jewish lives and identities, becoming fully engaged members of the Jewish community. Indeed, one does not have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah – one becomes Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

In anticipation of this time of transition, students embark on several months of preparation, in which they build on the foundation of their Jewish education, engaging in the study of Torah, emerging as leaders in our prayer community, and discovering that they have the ability to create meaningful change in the world. This process culminates as the students are invited to lead a Shabbat morning service and as they read and teach from the Torah, take part in the sacred ritual that sustains the Jewish community each and every week.

The journey towards B’nei Mitzvah also includes family learning programs at various points along the way, providing opportunities for bonding within each B’nei Mitzvah cohort, connection between families, and learning and exploration with the clergy.

For any questions about the journey towards B’nei Mitzvah at Touro Synagogue, please contact Cantor Margolius at [email protected].