Yamim Yafim & Uptown Hebrew 2022/2023


For our youngest learners, Yamim Yafim is a weekly camp-style program for all Pre-K through 5th Graders, designed to foster a deep connection with Judaism through hands-on learning and relationship building. Each week, students explore Jewish values and holidays, Torah stories, Hebrew, and much more with their peers, bringing Judaism and Jewish life alive in relevant, meaningful ways


Beginning in 3rd Grade, students also enroll in our midweek Hebrew language component, Uptown HebrewWith our stellar team of Hebrew teachers guiding them in small groups with their peers, they begin building their reading and comprehension skills little by little each week, all in preparation for celebrating their B’nei Mitzvah when they turn 13.


Beginning in middle school, our programs transition to meet the needs of our older students’ changing schedules and routines, with the continued goals of building community bonds, deepening friendships, and exploring relevant, meaningful Jewish topics still at the forefront of all we do. 

In 6th Grade, students explore the broad history of young Jews coming of age and becoming active members of their Jewish communities, as well as thoughtfully examine all of the component pieces of their B’nei Mitzvah preparation process.  This includes plenty of guest speakers, trips to the Touro kitchen for cooking projects, and even some local field trips to help deepen their understanding of what it means to be a modern-day Jewish New Orleanian.

In 7th Grade, at the height of their B’nei Mitzvah preparation process, students engage with some of the foundational texts and rituals associated with Tikkun Olam and Jewish justice from Torah, Talmud, and contemporary sources.  Their course of study includes welcoming plenty of guest speakers and inspirational community justice partners, as well as lots of opportunities to participate in community service projects with their peers and classmates.   


Our 8th and 9th Grade programs are designed to ensure every student can come as often as they’re able to, but without missing too much when part-time jobs, seasonal sports, art shows/performances, or other extracurriculars require them to take a few weeks off.  Along with friends and peers from Temple Sinai, they explore their own Jewish identity through hands-on experiences like cooking, holiday celebrations, explorations of Israeli culture, and creating new traditions for themselves and their community.  One particular highlight of the year is our multi-city Civil Rights trip to Alabama, which focuses on visits to historically and culturally significant sites and explores the deep connection between the Civil Rights Movement and the American Jewish community in the South


The oldest egalitarian Jewish life cycle event, Confirmation, is a Jewish learning experience designed to bring our 10th graders into more mature conversation with their Judaism. With our Senior Rabbi as their teacher and guide, Confirmation classes use text study, film, literature, and hands-on opportunities to examine Jewish identity, beliefs, philosophy, and action, exploring and ultimately confirming the statement: Judaism brings something valuable to my life, and I bring something valuable to Judaism. Confirmation culminates with a Shabbat service and ceremony, honoring each student, at the conclusion of the school year.