Touro’s 2021 Fundraiser: Celebrate! 30 Years of Shabbat Joy


Cantor Kevin Margolius
Panorama Jazz Band
Kermit Ruffins
Aurora Nealand
John Boutté
Sunpie Barnes
Dr. Michael White
Louis and Andre Michot of the Lost Bayou Ramblers
Cantor Seth Warner
Cantor Billy Tiep
Cantor Jamie Marx
Touro Synagogue Choir
Produced by Touro member and Academy Award winner Donald Markowitz



Gary “Taavi” and Charlotte Reiss


Jill and David Israel


Lorna Blake and Bob Batterman
Ann Fishman
Ana and Juan Gershanik
Laura and Walter Levy
Dr. William Procell
Joyce and Sidney Pulitzer
Madalyn and Robert Schenk
Julie and Scott Silbert
Renee Zack


Phyllis and Jack Alltmont
Lisa and Cary Amann
Rabbi Katie Bauman and Adam Eckstein
Cathy and Morris Bart
Joy and Andy Braun
Bonnie Chambliss and Michael Millman
Bethany and Steven Friedman
Adrien and Errol Genet
Cathy and Charles Glaser
Susan and Lou Good
David Hammer
Lisa and Mike Herman
Teri and Jonathan Hunter
Jan W. Katz and Jim Derbes
Ruth and Larry Kullman
Randy Roig and Brian Weimer
Ellen Kempner and Lee Sucherman
David and Lisa Schlakman
Kathy and Hal Shepard
Nancy and Gary Silbert
Amy and Mark Stein
Ginny Wise and Kevin Wilkins
Naomi Yavneh Klos and Stanley Klos
Ellen and Marc Yellin
Elly Zakris and Peter Sather


Blue Cypress Books
Debbie and Robert Applebaum
Jaymi and Mark Baum
Arlene and Paul Barron
Rebecca and Simon Finger
J. David Forsyth
Linda and Richard Friedman
Rabbi Gary and Dr. Carol S. Gerson
Arleen and Charles Goldberg
Shannie and Rabbi David Goldstein
Caroline and Jeff Good
Lauren and David Greenberg
Robert Hammer
Susan and Byron Kantrow
Beverly Katz
Maurya Kilroy and John Lovett
Marilyn and Paul Kullman
Mara and Stephen Kupperman
Beth and Austin Lavin
Cathy Lazarus and Eric Simon
Jeff Lockman and Mark Townsend
Marilyn and Alan Levin
Susan Krinsky and Hugh Long
Cantor Kevin Margolius
Marcia and Andrew Margolius
Melinda and Morris Mintz
Naomi and Larry Orlansky
Sarah and Joe Pasternack
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Shames
Dana and Louis Shepard
Megan and Brian Yellin
Jenny and Lee Zurik


Mary Lynn and Charles Alltmont
Stefanie and Michael Allweiss
Laura Broders
Allison Clark and Woody Widofsky
George Dansker and Jack Belsom
Ina and Richard Davis
Dana Dupre and Justin Ehrenwerth
Jane and Gene Eckstein
Susan and Mark Fijman
Debra J. Fischman
Irina Foxman Ware and Marcus Ware
Dr. George Greenberg
Leslie and Ron Gubitz
Samantha and Joseph Guichet
Kelly and Lawrence Haber

Hebrew Rest Cemetery Association
Diane and Ross Jacobson
Charel Katz
Jay Kern
Fern Kruger
Anna Labadie and Ben Cappiello
June Leopold and Martin Goldstein
Andi and Teri Lestelle
Sharan Lieberman and Jordan Karlitz
Christopher Lorenzen
Andree Moss
Valerie and Patrick Norton
Kimberly, David, and Josephine Novod
Kathleen and Randy Opotowsky
Sanford Pailet
Killian and Brad Philipson
Marcy Planer

Pat Reardon and Dick Latner
Karen Weissbecker Remer
Marianne G. and Sheldon L. Rosenzweig
Jon Rotenberg
Rabbi Todd Silverman
Janice and Jeffrey Smith
Kerry Tapia and Ben Beasley
Cheryl and Nola Timmins
Anamaria Villamarin-Lupin and Tim Lupin
Daniel and Julien Weiner
Marjorie and Roy Weiner
Stacey Weinreb and John Lutz
Joan and Lawrence Zaslow
Erika Zucker and John Jabaley

From our beginning in 1828 as Congregation Shangarai-Chasset (Gates of Mercy) through our merger with Nefutzot Yeduda (Dispersed of Judah), Touro Synagogue has evolved through changes in location, liturgy, clergy leadership, and the way New Orleans Jews view their religion. Throughout our history, we have remained grateful to Judah Touro and committed to Touro Synagogue as an ongoing center of Jewish life.

With historic roots and a progressive heart, Touro Synagogue is a community that is filled with beautiful contradictions – a grand, historic sanctuary and an intimate, embracing chapel; an active group of knowledgeable sages and a vibrant young adult community; a love of enduring Jewish traditions and a drive for spiritual innovation and forward motion; a commitment to the inner life of our congregational family and a constant energetic force that engages with the renewal of greater New Orleans.

In 1991, Touro decided to invite guest musicians and a Jazz band to create the first Jazz Fest Shabbat, our own special tribute to one of New Orleans’ greatest traditions, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Since then, this unique and nationally recognized worship fills our historic main sanctuary each year. Special guests have included Ellis Marsalis, Jeremy Davenport, Henry Butler, Theresa Andersson, Kermit Ruffins and his Barbecue Swingers, Marcia Ball, Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas, John Boutté, Dr. Michael White, the Joe Krown Trio with Walter Wolfman Washington and Russell Batiste, Jr., Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Sunpie Barnes and the Louisiana Sunspots, George Porter Jr. and Runnin’ Pardners, Lost Bayou Ramblers with guest Aurora Nealand, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Each of them has added their own unique talents, making Jazz Fest Shabbat special every year.

Jazz Fest Shabbat is free and open to the public because of the generosity of our Jazz Fest Shabbat Patrons and Community Partners. Such support ensures that we can continue developing and innovating this event each year. If you are interested in being a supporter and wish to make a contribution, please click here to donate to our Jazz Fest Shabbat Fund.