Krewe of VIPs

Mardi Gras is said to be “The Greatest Free Show on Earth”. Nevertheless the complexities of navigating Mardi Gras parade logistics and crowds makes this ‘free show’ difficult if not impossible for children with disabilities and their families to enjoy. VIP Balcony is an accessible balcony at Touro Synagogue built for and provided free of charge to children (and sometimes adults) with disabilities and their families in the New Orleans community during some Mardi Gras parades. Food, entertainment, and friendship are a part of these extraordinary parade experiences. During the seven years since we started this program, roughly 250-300 children with disabilities and their families have been able to experience Mardi Gras because of our program.

For more information or to sign up to help please contact Hal Shepard at or Juan Gershanik at

To reserve a spot for a child (or adult) with disabilities, please call Juan Gershanik at (504) 896-2229 or (504) 377-1162.

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