Touro Center for Learning & Engagement

Sundays, 9:00-11:30 am

“Teach each child [to learn] in their own way, and when they grow old they shall not depart from it.”
(Proverbs 22:6)

This quote from the Jewish bible serves as both inspiration and philosophy for our formal youth education program. Each Sunday, students from ages 4 through 16 (grades Pre-K through 10th) arrive at our building not just to listen, but to engage, discuss, debate, play, pray, socialize, and ultimately grow as Jews.  Our teachers and learning spaces provide a space for investigation and debate, imagination and building, prayer and playfulness.  With the guidance and support of teachers, clergy, lay leaders, and parents, our learners’ personal, spiritual, and communal development is fostered lovingly and creatively.

We believe that Jewish learning — coupled with family participation in synagogue life — builds one’s Jewish identity overall in many ways: strengthening one’s understanding of God; developing respect and love for Torah; fostering a loving, nuanced connection to the State of Israel; leading each of us to Jewish engagement opportunities throughout their entire life.

Questions? We would be happy to discuss the Religious School program with any Pre-K through 10th grade families!

Contact Rabbi Silverman at to set up a meeting or phone call.