Yamim Yafim & Uptown Hebrew

“Teach each child [to learn] in their own way, and when they grow old they shall not depart from it.”
(Proverbs 22:6)

Jewish education is not a series of hoops through which kids must jump, nor is it a checklist of topics and activities for them to memorize or perform in order to “graduate”.  It is not something that is constructed only for children, and it is not something which really, truly ever ends.

We believe that Jewish education is an ongoing, life-long process which introduces information, spurs on deep thinking and dedicated actions, helps evolve individuals’ Judaic practices, and creates both the backdrop of one’s Jewish identity and a lens through which they can experience the world.

Yamim Yafim & Uptown Hebrew provide experiential, educational opportunities for congregants in Pre-K through high school to gain new knowledge, expand their understanding and practice of Jewish tradition, and foster their natural curiosity and creativity. 

We would be happy to discuss our programs with any interested families; please contact Rabbi Silverman at tsilverman@tourosynagogue.com to set up a time to discuss all of our offerings.