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For the time being, Shabbat Services will be available by livestream only.



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A Message from Touro Synagogue

Touro Synagogue is humbled to be a source of hope, inspiration, and purpose during this time of tremendous trial.  While our programmatic offerings must change, our mission has not. A congregation is more than a building; it is a family. And what binds this family together is eternal: our commitment to transformational prayer, expansive thought, fearless engagement, and love, the most essential Torah of our lives. May the following words, penned by Rabbi Richard Levy (z”l), be a meditation for these days of challenge and discovery, of pain and renewal.

We pray that we might know before whom we stand: the Power whose gift is life, who quickens those who have forgotten how to live.

We pray for the winds to disperse the choking air of sadness, for cleansing rains to make parched hopes flower, and to give all of us the strength to rise up toward the sun.

We pray for love to encompass us for no other reason save that we are human, for love through which we may all blossom into persons who have gained power over our own lives.

We pray to stand upright, we fallen: to be healed, we sufferers; we pray to break the bonds that keep us from the world of beauty; we pray for opened eyes, we who are blind to our own authentic selves.

We pray that we may walk in the garden of a purposeful life, our own powers in touch with the power of the world.

Praised be the God whose gift is life, whose cleansing rains let parched men and women flower toward the sun.


With historic roots and a progressive heart, Touro Synagogue is a community that is filled with beautiful contradictions – a grand, historic sanctuary and an intimate, embracing chapel; an active group of knowledgeable sages and a vibrant young adult community; a love of enduring Jewish traditions and a drive for spiritual innovation and forward motion; a commitment to the inner life of our congregational family and a constant energetic force that engages with the renewal of greater New Orleans. Please join us as we work together, making Touro Synagogue a place of transformative prayer, expansive thought, fearless engagement, and love.

We value the uniqueness of each congregant and we are committed to providing a community that is inclusive
and accessible.  
If you or someone in your family requires special accommodations in order to access the fullness of synagogue life, please contact the office at (504) 895-4843.



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Senior Rabbi
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Rabbi Todd Silverman

Rabbinic Director of Lifelong Learning
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Rabbi Emeritus David Goldstein

Rabbi Emeritus
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