The Summer Stretch: Renovation Moves Full-Steam Ahead

While congregants may be planning summer getaways, Touro’s Lifting the Sky capital project is moving full steam ahead. If you’ve been on Touro’s campus lately, you’ve likely noticed that our usable spaces have been minimized as crews tackle large-scale HVAC projects and knock out to-do lists. In fact, we’re proud to say that we’re still on schedule to complete all renovation work in time for the High Holidays!

In the last month, we’ve made the following large-scale progress:

  • The entire ceiling in the social hall has been dismantled, old HVAC equipment is being removed, and new HVAC ductwork is being installed. (In preparation for this, the floor of the social hall had to be protected by a layer of styrofoam insulation board and then a layer of plywood.) The ceiling will go back into place with new lighting fixtures.
  • New, custom-built HVAC equipment is being installed in the sanctuary’s choir loft, and it is a multi-step process! An area of seating had to be temporarily removed to make space, furnishings were covered in plastic to minimize dust, and air is being pumped in from a large temporary air conditioner located in the courtyard. Scaffolding with a pulley system will allow the old HVAC equipment to be removed and the new equipment to be hoisted into place.
  • The sanctuary ark has been covered, and work in that area includes new HVAC components to improve temperature management of the space.

Additional updates:  

  • Walls are going up, and painting has begun. 
  • HVAC installation in the Religious school building is nearly complete. 
  • The elevator shaft is nearly complete. 
  • Furniture for all areas has been ordered. 
  • Our custom light fixture for the living room is in progress, with completion anticipated by the end of June.  

Stay tuned for more!