Important Update on Pedestrian Safety

Currently, our renovation project requires removal of the full sidewalk area in front of the Main Sanctuary, from the bottom of the synagogue steps to the curb, for the installation of bollards. For this reason, there’s unfortunately no safe pathway for pedestrians approaching our campus from the General Pershing/St. Charles Ave. side.

The concern for pedestrian safety is paramount; so, we’re requesting that all congregants and guests approach the synagogue from the Milan St./St. Charles Ave. side, and enter through the main gate into the courtyard.

The installation of bollards and the new sidewalk area will likely be complete in February 2024. We understand and regret that this is an inconvenience, but experts say that approaching from the Milan/St. Charles Ave. side is safest for all. We’re also asking that you please not cross St. Charles Ave. mid-block, as it’s dangerous, and cars have the right-of-way. The streetcar lines add additional risk.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we move forward with exciting renovation work!