Exterior Cleaning and Masonry Restoration Continues; Roof Work Beginning This Week

Progress Update 

A first-pass cleaning of the Norman Synagogue House, Bowsky Garden and Main Sanctuary is nearly complete, and work has begun on higher elevations of the Main Sanctuary exterior using a pump jack scaffolding system which provides more flexibility to work around trees and plants.

Of particular note is the replacement of caulking in the joints of the cast stone motif which encompasses the Synagogue House. This was just in time, as the original caulking was at end-of-life and just beginning to fail in numerous areas, leading to streams of water running inside and emerging from the ceiling in the Shushan Assembly during heavy rains.


Roof work is scheduled to begin this week for the Norman Synagogue House and the covered walkway over the main gate. The main gate will continue to be used as our primary entrance, with the exception of a short period when roofing is being done directly above (a one- to two-day period). When this is taking place, clear signage will be put in place directing visitors to our General Pershing entrance (the three archways located down the side street next to the Main Sanctuary). All work is expected to be wrapped up before 5:00PM daily; Friday Shabbat service and weekend activities are not expected to be affected this week.