Madrichim Program

The Madrichim program is a chance for high schoolers to bring energy, excitement and enthusiasm to our Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon Religious School classes.  Any high schooler who has ever thought about being a teacher or a community leader is invited to contact Rabbi Silverman and discuss the program and its opportunities!



The Details

  • Madrichim must arrive by 8:45 AM.  Once they sign-in, they will meet out front on St. Charles Avenue by 8:50 AM for drop-off. As students and families arrive, Madrichim are responsible for helping unload kids from cars and escorting them towards the chapel or their classrooms.  
  • Once students have arrived, Madrichim will move onto their assigned classrooms or locations. Each Madrich or Madrichah will meet with Rabbi Silverman to determine an optimal Sunday morning assignment; some will be placed in classrooms as teachers assistance, some will be assigned to locations such as specialist rooms or the front office. Every Madrich or Madrichah will be given the opportunity to try different experiences; in the end, they will be assigned to a permanent location by Rabbi Silverman.  
  • At 11:20am, all Madrichim return to the St Charles sidewalk to help with dismissal. This is basically the reverse of drop-off: walking kids towards cars, helping them buckle in, and giving one last high-five for the road.  Please note: Madrichim are expected to stay until all students have been picked-up; this is typically done by 11:45am.
  • Madrichim can either receive a) a paycheck at the end of each semester, or b) documentation for community service.  Many Madrichim choose a combination of both throughout the year, which is totally cool. The rate of pay for Madrichim is $15 for each Sunday worked.

As with any job, Madrichim are expected to arrive on time ready to work, and must stay until the end of the morning.  Special situations on an occasional basis will be no problem.

Any teens or parents who are interested in learning more about the Madrichim Program should call or email Rabbi Silverman at 504-895-4843 or