Congregational Guestbook for Bernard ”Woody” Widofsky

Woody will be sorely missed by many. I am very grateful for his teaching talents and devotion as a Sunday School teacher and for his support for our son Stuart when he was younger. Woody was one of the “Touro Tribe” (my words) that shaped Stuart and gave him the confidence and grounding to be the young man that he is today, May his memory be a blessing.

Cathy Lazarus, Eric Simon and Stuart Simon

We remember Woody with great fondness. It is hard to imagine Touro Synagogue without Woody Widofsky. Our condolences to Eddie and Macy.

Bob and Fran Simon

Woody was a cherished pillar of the community, and his comments were always incisive snd humble at the same time. He and his wife Joyce were always special friends of Diane and myself in the early years of Torah Study, and it continued to be my pleasure to see Woody every week, through all of life’s changes, and whether it was in person or on the Zoom screen. Rest in peace, my friend!

Bob Hammer

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be; the last of life, for which the first was made!” Robert Browning. It is not how tall you are; it is how tall you stand among those you love.

“If you seek me again, look for me under your bootheels where I grow from the grass I love. You can hardly know who or what I am, but I shall be good health to you and filter and fiber your blood! Failing to find me at first, keep encouraged! Missing me one place, search another. I stop somewhere ahead, waiting for you” Walt Whitman.

Nicholas Wm Taylor Barry III

Please accept our condolences. Woody was a very sweet man and ling-time congregant of Touro Synagogue.

Ivy and Fred Kushner

A special person and we loved being with him.

Linda and Richard Friedman