Harry Tompson Rebuild Center

Doing a load of laundry. Grabbing a shower. Calling a loved one. Most of us take these things for granted. But for the homeless of New Orleans these are cherished luxuries. On a typical night in greater New Orleans there are approximately 2000 people living on the street, in shelters or in abandoned buildings. One quarter of these people are chronically homeless. Touro Synagogue has partnered with the Harry Tompson Center, which provides these and other cherished luxuries to this population. Among the Center’s most vital needs are the following:

  • Mental Health Professionals to provide mental health services (on-going and/or periodically)
  • Leaders for one-time enrichment classes with the guests (topics such as how to speak in an interview, veteran’s assistance, song sessions, or whatever you may enjoy sharing)
  • Community mentors for guests who have been recently placed in housing

There are many more opportunities to become involved with the Harry Tompson Center.

Click the link below to view available volunteer opportunities with Touro Synagogue:
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