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To Midian and Back Again: Responding to Moral Injury

https://youtu.be/SrAc66IY194 by Rabbi Katie Bauman January 8, 2021

Like Ephraim and Menashe

Like Ephraim and Menashe Rabbi Katie Bauman - Erev Rosh Hashanah, September 18, 2020 https://youtu.be/iu8d3DzXFgI

Podcast Episode 8: The Third Conversation

The Third Conversation by Rabbi Katie BaumanShabbat Evening Service - Friday, August 7

Black Lives Matter is a Jewish Value

“Black Lives Matter” is a Jewish value, and we are proud to have purchased these yard signs as part of a fundraiser benefiting the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition (BRYC), organized by Aaron Posner of our sister congregation Beth Shalom Synagogue in Baton Rouge. The Hebrew words in the background are Levitucus 19:16, “Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor.” I hope the presence of these signs reminds each of us of who and what we strive to be as Touro Synagogue, and that they provoke us toward increased commitment and action every time we see them.

A Spiritual Act

We are in a new moment in New Orleans. We have begun to leave our homes more often, and many businesses have reopened. We have begun to share public space with greater frequency and for longer durations of time. We have begun to meet in doctors’ offices and in beauty salons. We are skirting by one another in restaurants and at gyms. Some have tried to worship together. Each one of us, whether director, owner, employee, patron or parishioner, is making calculations about our essential needs and what actions we must take to meet them. We are asking ourselves what risks are appropriate in size and potential benefit as we reenter the world.&...

A Prayer for Listening

A Prayer for Listening Written by Rabbi Katie Bauman I pray that we all will find within us the still small voice that coaxes us to look directly at the flames we are seeing. May we never again turn away. The fire will continue to sting our eyes and burn our throats, but we know from Exodus that God can reside in the fire with a message. Like Moses, we are being called to take part in a holy mission to bring more compassion and justice to the world, to right centuries’ old wrongs, to tear down a system that has been corrupt from its very inception, to build something better in its place. This moment hurts... all birth moments ...

Podcast Episode 5: Reeds in the Wilderness

https://soundcloud.com/anna-federline-347112250/reeds-in-the-wilderness Rabbi Katie Bauman

Podcast Episode 3: We, the Circle Makers

https://soundcloud.com/anna-federline-347112250/we-the-circle-makers Rabbi Katie Bauman - Friday, May 8, 2020

What Strange Fires Illuminate for Us

Our Jewish tradition is a rejection of the mindset that some human beings are expendable. The work we have to do to create more equity in our society is bigger than any one of us, as this pandemic has laid bare. But it has also demonstrated that such work cannot be done without any one of us.  The whole House of Israel must weep for the extreme loss of life amongst our African American neighbors. And may our tears and pain and discomfort be the lens through which we view the choices we make every moment henceforth. https://soundcloud.com/anna-federline-347112250/rabbi-bauman-april-18-2020

Mayor Cantrell’s Day of Prayer: Rabbi Bauman offers a Prayer for the City Of New Orleans