Shabbat Services

Friday Evening 6:00pm
Saturday Morning 10:30am


“Let the old become new and the new become holy.” – Rav Abraham Kook

While Rav Kook wrote these words a century ago, they remain so relevant as a guiding principle for how we experience prayer, ritual and Jewish life. At Touro Synagogue, we constantly strive to balance the words and teachings of our tradition with creative ritual and exploration, in cultivating an experience of prayer that is dynamic, spirited, meaningful and embracing. Blending the ancient words of our liturgy together with contemporary texts, Shabbat services at Touro Synagogue give us the opportunity to raise our voices together in song and prayer, to transcend the here and now, and create something truly beautiful together.

Following services on Friday nights, please join us for Shabbat Dinner in the Grant Meyer Pavilion, as the celebration of Shabbat continues!

Watch the livestream from the Forgotston Chapel!

Watch the livestream from the Main Sanctuary!


Shabbat Fun For Kids! 

Play. Laugh. Sing. Dance.
A beautiful experience for children.

Every Shabbat at Touro Synagogue.

Blessings, sweets, smiles, and dinner
Bring your kids. Restore your soul.