Touro B’Yachad

Dear Touro Synagogue Family,

What a learning experience the last few months have been.  

We now know that what binds us together as a community is marvelously strong and resilient. We can be Touro Synagogue on a Zoom or on a Stream or from a distance outside in addition to being Touro Synagogue sitting shoulder to shoulder in the sanctuary. Learning that has been life giving.  

We now know that there is something uniquely beautiful about being physically proximate. Our voices joined together in song or the sharing of food and laughter brings an energy into our lives that no virtual connection can replace. Learning that has been moving beyond words.

We now know that COVID-19 is not a momentary crisis to survive but rather a long-term situation to manage.  Our shared spaces and lives are going through a transformation that requires patience and creativity from us, if we are to remain ourselves and hold onto what we love. Learning that has been at once painful and hopeful.

In recognition of these learnings, and in gratitude for the generosity of all our members, our clergy team is building a summer of congregational programs and initiatives that is more robust than previous summers. In the links to the right, please find adult learning opportunities, prayer services, social justice outlets, and a vision for youth engagement that reflect our sincere desire to be together and serve one another as we always have, even in this most unprecedented time. 

Most of the following offerings are virtual, a decision made with the intent of preserving the health and safety of our members and the accessibility of synagogue life for all.  This also reflects our plans for our upcoming High Holiday services – they will most likely be streamed from the sanctuary with only service leaders present.  The preservation of life is the highest Jewish value, and it is in that spirit that we will bring in the new year of 5781. More information about our High Holiday plans will be available soon, and we will make every effort to create a prayerful, majestic, and uplifting experience for everyone who attends, no matter where you are.

In closing, it is important to say that we now know how significant and powerful and reassuring and noble it is to be a part of something larger than ourselves.  The gracious support of our synagogue family from so many, even in these times of scarcity, is a humbling reflection of that truth.  

With gratitude for your generosity and faith, and with great excitement for all the ways we will be together this summer, 

Rabbi Katie Bauman
Cantor Kevin Margolius
Rabbi Todd Silverman
Kerry Tapia, Executive Director 
Lisa Herman, President

If you would like to support our new youth initiative, donate here and select Youth Activities in the drop-down menu of funds.
We strive to make these events no to low cost to our members.  We would be extremely grateful If you are able to support this endeavor.