Torah Project

“The one who engages with Torah
– and discovers in it new meanings –
contributes new Torah,
which is treasured by the congregation of Israel.” – Zohar

We are writing a new Torah! This is an honor and a joy for our whole Touro Synagogue community. It is a once in a lifetime encounter, the magnitude and magic are nothing short of spiritually transcendent. And, we get to do this together.

Torah is as old as the practice of Judaism. Each Torah scroll contains the same letters, the same words, the same stories. But, each Torah scroll is written by an individual scribe. Every sheet of parchment is personally inked by a human hand, so no two scrolls are identical. Each Torah reader studies a different angle on a passage; each voice lifted in cantillation brings a new pitch to the resonance; each episode reads differently as the passage of our lifetime unfolds. And, each cycle of Torah reading renews our opportunity to just read it all over again. In this way, Torah is always spiritually new – and renewable.

Soferet (scribe) Linda Coppleson will write a new Torah for Touro with us.
We each will have the chance to dedicate selections that are most meaningful to us – the chapters that inspire and challenge us. Linda will allow us to place our hand over hers, and actually write the Torah together. A word, a verse, a column – these will come together anew with our community commitment to write a new Torah.



This Torah is underwritten in loving memory of Touro past president, Julian H. Good, by his family.